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About Tech Divers Puerto Galera

Your instructor Paul Nielsen

Your instructor Paul Neilsen

Paul Neilsen – PADI Course Director, DSAT Tec Trimix Instructor Trainer, DSAT Trimix Gas Blender Instructor Trainer, PADI Tec 40 CCR,Tec 60CCR, PADI Tec CCR100 Instructor Trainer and Tec Sidemount Instructor Trainer.

IANTD CCR Trimix Instructor Trainer Trainer, IANTD Expedition Trimix OC/CCR Instructor, EFR Instructor Trainer, IART CCR Trimix Instructor Trainer IART CCR/OC Expedition Trimix Instructor, BSAC Advanced Instructor.

In his time in the diving industry Paul has become a PADI Course Director, DSAT Tec Deep and Trimix Instructor Trainer Trainer and DSAT Gas Blender Trimix Instructor Trainer, and PADI Tec 40 CCR, Tec 60 CCR and Tec 100 CCR Instructor Trainer. When IANTD started in South East Asia Paul became one of the first Technical Instructors and has since gone on to become the head of IANTD China. He is an active Instructor Trainer to all levels including Trimix Closed Circuit Rebreathers. Having logged over 10,000 dives in various locations in the world, Paul has also developed a passion for Cave diving becoming an IANTD Advanced Cave, Multi-Stage DPV Diver and IANTD Technical Cave Instructor.

During his career as an Instructor Paul has certified over 2000 divers in all levels including 12 divers and 10 Technicians from the Chinese Navy to Trimix level on the Inspiration Rebreather and 6 divers from the Vietnamese Navy to Trimix level on the Shadow Pak III Closed Circuit Rebreather. He was also instrumental in setting up Trimix Gas Blending stations in the Chinese Navies three main bases and also trained divers from the The Hong Kong Special Duties Unit in Technical Diving.

Closed Circuit Rebreather and Wreck diving are two of Paul’s main interests with Expedition Trimix dives to the Princess of the Orient, DD Kuwa, USS Cooper, HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse just some of the dives listed amongst Paul’s adventures

Certification Levels:

  • Open Water FreeDiving Instructor
  • Rescue Diver Instructor
  • Cavern Instructor
  • Introductory Cave Instructor
  • Technical Cave Diver Instructor
  • Evolution Rebreather Instructor
  • Advanced Recreational Trimix Instructor
  • Open Water Instructor
  • EANx Instructor
  • Advanced EANx Instructor
  • Wreck Instructor
  • Technical Instructor
  • Technical Wreck Diver Instructor
  • Trimix Instructor
  • EANx Gas Blender Instructor
  • Trimix Gas Blender Instructor
  • Oxygen Provider Instructor
  • Normoxic Trimix Instructor
  • Cave Instructor
  • Advanced Cave CCR Instructor
  • PADI Tec Sidemount Instructor

  • Halcyon Technical Rebreather Instructor
  • Halcyon Rebreather Instructor
  • UT 180 Rebreather Instructor
  • UT240 Rebreather Instructor
  • UT90 Rebreather Instructor
  • Inspiration Rebreather Instructor
  • MK 15 Series Rebreather Instructor
  • Dräger Dolphin (Atlantis I) Instructor
  • DrägerRay Rebreather Instructor
  • Inspiration Normoxic CCR Instructor
  • Trimix Inspiration Instructor
  • KISS Rebreather Instructor
  • CCR Normoxic Trimix Instructor
  • CCR Trimix Instructor
  • PADI Tec CCR 40 Instructor Trainer
  • PADI Tec CCR 60 Instructor Trainer
  • PADI Tec CCR 100 Instructor Trainer
  • Sidemount Instructor