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Tech Diving in Puerto Galera

About Extreme Technical Diving

Extreme Technical Diving  is a dedicated Technical Diving organization focused on Asia, which is based in the Philippines. We aim to offer a complete range of Technical Scuba Diving Programs from the newest Technical Diver to the most Advanced Technical Instructor Programs.

In addition to offering one of the most complete and advanced training programs available in the market today we also offer divers the opportunity to use their highly acquired skills by joining us on Expeditions to explore some of the most amazing dive sites including WWII wrecks, sunken ferries and deep caves all at depths between 45m & 120m.

These experiences allow our divers to develop their skills as part of our expedition teams and produce the very best all round, knowledgeable Technical Divers.

It demands a lot of time, effort, skill and commitment to regularly conduct dives to 80m+ on Open Circuit or Closed Circuit. You need to be sure this type of diving is for you.

We understand that if the correct logistics are not set up behind the scenes, then these dives are not able to be conducted safely. In order to prepare yourselves, both divers and dive centres, we offer consultations in surface support and the installation of Technical Blending Stations from Nitrox to Full Trimix Blending Stations.

In addition to training, we stock and sell a full range of Technical Diving equipment including Halcyon DIR Diving Equipment, Dive Rite Equipment, Aqua Vention Lights, Delta P Computers, AP Valves Inspiration and Evolution Closed Circuit Rebreathers, Jetsam KISS and Sport’s KISS Closed Circuit Rebreathers.