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Ambient Pressure Diving Evolution Closed Circuit Rebreather

evolution rebreather

The Evolution is the new sibling to the Inspiration rebreather made by AP Valves in the UK. Arguably the best known closed circuit rebreather on the market.

Weighing just 24kg with 2 x 2 litre onboard cylinders the Evolution is a 1/3 smaller than the Inspiration – it is compact, light, streamlined and a dream to dive with.

The Evolution has built on the foundations of the Inspiration taking the best of its features – including the unique dual independent oxygen control system (patented) and the unsurpassed over-the-shoulder counterlung design which offers the lowest hydrostatic pressures of any CCR ever built.

The Evolution uses the same principles as the Inspiration, electronically maintaining of the PPO2 in the loop at the theoretical ideal “setpoint”, measured by three separate O2 cells and controlled by redundant controller circuits… but it’s been designed with all the learning from the 7 years of production of the Inspiration.

At the heart of the new generation APD rebreathers lays the Vision electronics package.

By combining the reliable, performance benchmark, oxygen control of the Inspiration Classic with the latest manufacturing methods used in high volume dive computers and extending their features, the Vision electronics bring even easier diving, simple yet innovative and advanced warning systems and simple upgradeability to allow not just safe software updates but also Hardware developments as they occur – future proofing your investment.

The other point is… the Evolution is significantly smaller and lighter than it’s older brother… ideal for those who travel or are simply of a smaller build.