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IANTD Essentials Diver

IANTD tech diving


iantd essentialsThis Specialty course is intended to help a diver certified at any level to increase their proficiency in the water.

Techniques learned and practiced can be tailored to prepare the diver for any level of more advanced diving that they are moving into.

The program can also be used to review and practice diving’s basic and essential skills that would have been introduced in prior IANTD training. IANTD Instructors who take this course are automatically qualified to teach it.


Any certified diver may take this class

Program Content

During class, land drills and in water we address:

  • Mental and physical preparation.
  • Equipment configuration, buoyancy, swimming and streamlining techniques.
  • Anatomy and Physiology, and their role in diver safety.
  • Mental skills, stress and risk management.
  • In water, emphasis on breathing and its relationship to buoyancy and to stress levels.
  • Refinement of routine skills that support the level of diving that the student is training for, as well as emergency management skills.

Program Limits

No dives deeper than the student’s previous certification allows, or a Max Depth 30m/100ft , whichever is shallower At least one confined water session working specifically with skills, dive technique, emergency procedures, etc.

The course may be taught entirely in confined water but four open water dives are recommended, total in water time at least 240 minutes.