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IANTD – International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers

IANTD (IAND, Inc.) was founded by Dick Rutkowski, the former dive supervisor for the USA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). In 1991 IANTD produced the FIRST program to offer certification in Enriched Air Nitrox. IANTD offers training programs in all aspects of technical diving, including Advanced Nitrox, Deep Air, Technical Diver, Cave and Wreck Penetration, Normoxic Trimix, Trimix, Rebreathers, Free Diving,etc. IANTD instructors are well trained, highly experienced and extremely qualified.

IANTD is the only EANx agency that offers training in all aspects of EANx through continuing education programs. IANTD Standards and Procedures provide for the highest level of EANx education and training available. This allows you to expand your knowledge and training with the top professionals in the field.

IANTD was the first to be able to provide insurance for teaching technical diving applications and then in June 1995, both Open Water and Technical diving applications as well as Dive Master insurance were offered.

IANTD has developed training programs for all levels of advanced recreational and technical Free Diving, Scuba Diving and Rebreather Diving.