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IANTD Technical Wreck Diver

IANTD tech diving

wreck diving puerto galeraThis course teaches the diver to be aware of overhead environments and the rules used to do this safely with heavy emphasis on staging, line work and out-of-air drills, finning technique and buoyancy control to suit the navigation of confined areas in a silted situation. It is designed to train divers in safe penetration wreck diving and the technical utilization of EANx for wreck exploration and is a great lead into full cave and technical cave.

What do I need to start?

  • Must be qualified as an IANTD Deep Diver and IANTD EANx Diver or equivalent.
  • Must provide proof of a minimum of 70 logged dives or sufficient experience doing technical diving to satisfy the Instructor that they have sufficient knowledge and skills to continue onto this level.
  • Minimum of 18 years old.

What will I do?

This course includes a minimum of 150 minutes of bottom time within at least 6 wreck penetration dives. The course covers use of lines, blacked out drills, lost diver drills, dives no deeper than 51 m, unless technical diver trained. The course may be combined with Normoxic Trimix and Trimix Diver Courses.

What do I need?

IANTD Technical Wreck Diver Student Manual and Workbook.

Student to Instructor Ratio:

3:1 or if deeper than 39m 2:1