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AP Valves Inspiration CCR

kiss inspiration rebreatherThe AP Valves Inspiration CCR gives all the benefits of Nitrox but without the pre-mixing and without the depth limitations.

Inspiration CCR Oxygen-rich breathing throughout the dive and the super-oxygen-rich gas mix during decompression drastically reduces decompression obligations on every dive – without pre-mixing, without carrying extra cylinders and without gas-switching.

With No-stop times dramatically increased, the benefits of perfect buoyancy control, warmer, quieter diving and bubble-free operation allowing really close wildlife encounters – the Inspiration closed circuit rebreather is revolutionising diving today, offering a whole new experience to Sport and Commercial divers worldwide.

At Tech Divers We are able to offer training on the Inspiration Closed Circuit Rebreather from User Level to Full Trimix Instructor through IANTD.