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Trimix Blending Panels

Trimix Blending Panel Option 1

This is the latest version of our Tri –Mix Blending panel for the most discerning operator or diving group.

trmix blending panel

It is a blending panel that is designed to be both functional and easy to use.

  • All inlets are protected by individual one way valves whilst he pure air inlet has twin (2) N.R.V.`s which meet current regulations.
  • All valves are our 6000 Mk2 balanced needle valves that enable you adjust and control the flow to and from your panel to give a precise amount of gas or air.
  • All handwheels are moulded in rubber for easy grip & comfort. The storage cylinder inlet gauges are our new S2 safety pattern and are accurate to 1.6 % to show the pressure in the various storage bank cylinders.
  • The dials are clear scale easy to read and rated 0 – 400 Bar.
  • The panel and outlet pressure are controlled by our highly accurate DPM 400 Mk2 digital gauge which has an accuracy better than 0.5% to 400 Bar.
  • Characters are 18 mm with a permanent backlight.
  • The DPM runs from a mains supply. A special regulated 220/240 volt adaptor is supplied with the panel, this prevents fluttering of the readout. In addition you have a 150 mm Analogue gauge with an accuracy of 0.6%.
  • There is a simple re-adjustment screw on the dial needle to re-calibrate to the digital gauge. All you need do is remove glass by twisting the gauge rim, so eliminating any down time on the panel. Full operating instructions are supplied together with a fixing kit.
  • This finish has recently been introduced which is bright green plastic with all text and flow lines in white for ease of reading.
  • An over pressure valve is fitted set at 330 Bar.
  • There is now an air inlet pressure gauge.
  • To special order we can change the layout to your own requirements, within reason.
  • All valves are mounted to the front panel so servicing is made easy by removing the front screws.
  • Overall size is : 600 x 600 x 110 mm. Weight is 23 Kg. approx.
  • 3 x Oxygen inlets. 3 x Helium inlets. 3 x Mix outlets. 1 x Panel drain valve.

Trimix Blending Panel Option 2

trimix blending panel 2
  • A compact panel of modular design that is easy to use for the blending of Nitrox.
  • All valves are our new uprated 6000 Mk2a needle valves which will give you fine control over the flow into and out of this panel.
  • The handwheels are now moulded in rubber to offer better grip & comfort.
  • Each oxygen inlet valve has it`s own 1.6 % accurate 0 – 400 bar S2 clearscale pressure gauge to give the pressure in the storage banks.
  • The panel and outlet pressure is controlled by our very accurate 100mm DPM 400 Mk2 Digital gauge.
  • This is mains operated by a special regulated 220/240 volt mains adaptor to give a more balanced reading. This prevents “fluttering” of the readout.
  • This gauge has an accuracy better than 0.5% which is most important when blending.
  • The readout display is illuminated.
  • All the oxygen inlets have individual one way valves (NRV). There are also 2 x N.R.V`s on the pure air inlet to meet current regulations.
  • The whole assembly is mounted on the front panel for easy access when any servicing is required.
  • The unit is built up around a manifold system with all components sealed by “O” rings. The only pipework is the feed to the pressure gauges from the inlet valves.
  • The whole system is protected by an over pressure valve set at 330 Bar. This is easily adjustable to a higher or lower set pressure.
  • The finish is Bright Green plastic, so is not affected by saltwater air, with all text and flow lines in white . The front is easily kept clean by wiping over with a damp cloth.
  • 3 x Oxygen inlets. 1 x Pure air inlet. 3 x Mix outlets. 1 x Panel drain. 
  • If preferred we can replace the digital gauge with our 150mm mirror scale gauge.